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Advanced Two Fellows, '12

Stormwater Management Workshop, '12

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Advanced Three Fellows, '13

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Two Las Appointed to PA Board

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Stormwater Management Workshop, '14

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Established Audit Committee

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2015 Annual Meeting

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Dupont Summit 2014 Invitation
Chapter News
To any and all interested parties, The Policy Studies Organization (PSO) invites thePennsylvania-Delaware Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects to submit a program proposal for our u...
2013 Parking Day
PARK(ing) Day Philadelphia Returns for Another Year of Pop-Up Parks
Chapter News
On Friday, September 20, the international event known as PARK(ing) Day will be celebrated in Philadelphia for the sixth consecutive year. Dozens of interactive parks will appear on city streets as ...
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Chapter News
"Designing for Success" will deliver practical advice for conference attendees to maximize the potential of their practices/businesses. Divided into two segments, the presenters will cover a broad spe...
Foster Appointed Director of Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Penn State
Chapter News
Kelleann Foster, RLA, ASLA, Penn State Landscape Architecture faculty member since 1989, has been appointed director of the Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and associate de...
New MPS degree in Geodesign at Penn State
Chapter News
Penn State University has announced the creation of a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree in Geodesign, with applications now being accepted. A rapidly emerging discipline, geodesign incorpora...