Public Relations

Executive Committee Liaison: Carl Kelemen (E)
Chair: Carl Kelemen (E)
Members: Ann Marchino (E), David Goldberg (W), and Kim Cossar (Deputy Executive Director)


The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the preparation of external communications to non-members of the Chapter and to the general public.



The Public Relations Committee has been charged by the Chapter Executive Committee to perform the following tasks:

Short Term:

  • Create an organizational chart of the Chapter, its sections and its committees.

  • Develop a public relations page on the Chapter website

  • Add design award graphics to the website.

  • List Chapter committees on the website and ask for committee volunteers.

  • Keep 2014 Annual Meeting page updated.

  • Develop links to related sources of interest to landscape architects (i.e., LA Registration Board, LARE review courses, CE opportunities).


Long Term:

  • Provide media coverage or packages for all awards and scholarships bestowed by the Chapter and the Sections.

  • Coordinate the dissemination of information prepared by National ASLA to appropriate audiences.

  • Coordinate LA Month activities.

  • Analyze how the Chapter website could be used to disseminate information to identified audiences.

  • Disseminate tapes and videos to outlet sources such as public television.

  • Determine effective methods to get landscape architects and landscape architecture in front of the public.

  • Identify audiences to be reached.

  • Develop media contacts and oversee contacts made by each Section.

  • Determine the feasibility of developing firm directory brochures or awards brochures.


Committee Representation:

Members should include one member from each Section. 

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