PA-DE ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

Hindsight is 20/21: Transforming Our Profession

Submission Process & Selection Criteria

Evaluation and Selection

The PA-DE ASLA 2021 Conference Planning Committee will review and evaluate submissions using the following criteria:

  • Content and themes are clearly articulated and well developed, and presenters are knowledgeable, qualified subject matter experts
  • Content and themes are relevant to the profession and practice of Landscape Architecture
  • Learning objectives are stated clearly and are relevant to Landscape Architecture
  • Content and themes are timely and applicable
  • Subject matter is appealing and innovative
  • Feasibility of obtaining LA CES or AICP credit for proposed session
  • Subject matter meets Health, Safety, & Wellness (HSW) criteria

Learning Objectives

PA-DE ASLA will apply for LA CES and/or AICP credit for all accepted session presentations. Sessions must be planned in response to the learning needs of target audiences and include clear and concise written statements of learning objectives/outcomes. Per LA CES criteria, a minimum of three learning objectives/outcomes are required for each session. Learning objectives/outcomes are written statements of what the learner is expected to accomplish as a result of the session. They should be action oriented.

Examples of Learning Objectives/Outcomes:

  • Determine the major functions and components of a green roof.
  • Identify the factors that influence costs.
  • Utilize an integrated design process in your project for maximum benefit.


Tuesday, September 16, 2020 – Open Call for Presentations
Monday, October 17, 2020 – Close Call for Presentations
Monday, November 2, 2020 – Email Notification Sent to Proposers
Monday, April 12 – Friday, April 16, 2021 – Educational Sessions at 2021 VIRTUAL PA-DE ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

Policies Governing Accepted Proposals

  • The lead presenter will serve as the prime point of contact for PA-DE ASLA staff and is responsible for coordinating with all other presenters involved in a session.
  • All presenters must be included in the original proposal. Once approved, speakers may not be changed and not additional speakers may be added without PA-DE ASLA approval.
  • Submissions promoting specific product brands or companies will not be considered.
  • All presentations must have a visual component that may be projected for session attendees to view. (Examples: PowerPoint slide shows, photos, graphs, charts, videos, etc.)
  • Selected presenters may be asked to provide additional information for continuing education approval, if necessary.
  • PA-DE ASLA reserves the right to edit any submitted materials for promotional purposes.
  • PA-DE ASLA reserves the right to cancel a session at any given time.
  • PA-DE ASLA reserves the right to combine similar sessions, change titles and descriptions, or add/change speakers as necessary. You will be notified if there are any changes and given the opportunity to modify your presentation accordingly.
  • Sessions may be scheduled at any time the week of April 12, 2021 and speakers must be available to present on any day.
  • Selected speakers will receive complimentary registration for the day of their presentation. PA-DE ASLA will not reimburse travel or per diem expenses. No honoraria will be awarded.

Questions? Contact the PA-DE ASLA administrative office at 717-441-6041 or PADEChapterASLA@gmail.com.