Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Courtyard, Newark, Delaware Ayers Saint Gross, University of Delaware

The Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Courtyard is a high-performance outdoor space that exemplifies a growing trend on campuses toward multivalent landscapes. Serving as both social hub and outdoor learning space, the courtyard demonstrates the blurred line between classroom and commons, with outdoor terraces and seating used by students for group work and social gathering. With a unique collection of plant communities and progressive stormwater management treatment practices, students can perform experiments in their own backyard.

Lafayette College Campus Transformations
Easton, Pennsylvania

Ayers Saint Gross
Lafayette College
Once circumscribed by parked cars and pitted asphalt drives, Lafayette College’s core campus landscapes now knit back to the rest of campus and serve as spiritual heart, ceremonial core and social commons for the whole campus community. The landscape design repurposed a series of centrally-located landscapes to serve as vital social infrastructure for the College and the town of Easton.

Summerset at Frick Park
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

LaQuatra Bonci Associates
Summerset Land Development Associates

Summerset at Frick Park is a 238-acre 713-unit traditional neighborhood development in Pittsburgh, PA designed and built as one of the nation’s first brownfields remediated for residential use. Set atop the region’s largest slag pile, this transformative $250 million project stitched together fragmented neighborhoods, restored ecology, reversed the city’s population decline, and generates an estimated $6 million in additional tax revenue annually.

South Shore Riverfront Park
South Side, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Environmental Planning & Design, LLC
The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
City of Pittsburgh, Riverlife, South Side Local Development Corporation
The Soffer Organization

Built on the site of a former steel mill, the publicly driven design of South Shore Riverfront Park is resourceful in its ability to utilize limited space to accommodate a variety of elements, to integrate sustainability principles and to celebrate the city’s industrial heritage. The design of the 100’ wide park creatively overcomes environmental and infrastructure challenges while providing connections to the surrounding neighborhood, a regional trail and a river despite 40’ of elevation change.

The Barnes Foundation
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Barnes Foundation

The iconic art collection of Dr. Albert C. Barnes now has a home on Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the center of the city’s cultural corridor. The design team crafted an elegant yet modern, highly performative museum and garden landscape that is an artistic and civic jewel for the city of Philadelphia, and a site worthy of housing one of the most important collections of art in the world.

Georgetown Waterfront Park
Georgetown, Washington DC

Wallace Roberts & Todd
NPS –Denver Service Center, National Capitol Region

The design replaces a surface parking lot and interim parkland with a new national public landscape celebrating Georgetown’s historic presence on the Potomac River. As a National Park, the project meets the criteria for design excellence and sustainability established jointly by the National Park Service and the Commission of Fine Arts, as well as the vision of community stakeholders and local park supporters.

New Hope Residence
New Hope, Pennsylvania

Mike and Frank Montemuro
Landscape Design Group, Inc.

A client downsizing to a new townhouse in the quaint and historic river town of New Hope, PA, purchased the next-door building lot (which already poured foundations) in order to have a garden similar in function to the garden she was leaving. The resulting design gets her ambitious program accomplished in a compact, effective and stylish package. Contemporary at heart, this garden puts on a traditional face to respect the neighborhood vernacular.