Congratulations to the 2018 PA-DE ASLA Student Award Recipients!

Marsh-morphosis: A climate-responsive and adaptive design framework for habitat restoration and recreation for Rumney Marsh

Sadiqa Ansari
The Pennsylvania State University
Faculty Advisor: Charles Andrew Cole

The purpose of this capstone is to develop a landscape design strategy for the Rumney marsh that integrates research and design focused on improving habitat, creating recreational opportunities and mitigating the long term impacts of climate change. By developing such strategies that are in tune with the environment and sensitive to the natural systems, the proposal tries to establish design interventions to allow access and recreational opportunities while enhancing the marsh landscape community and ecology.

Newport on the Levee 2.0

Tongtong Zhou
The Pennsylvania State University
Faculty Advisor: Larry J. Gorenflo

Realizing the beauty of nature, analyzing the history of human civilization and celebrating the future sustainable urban development, this is a research-based landscape design project aiming to demonstrate the significance of natural process, importance of riparian zones and impact of meaningful waterfront space to a city. Proposing methodologies by which progressive landscape urbanism uses a simulated pattern to unify a city and riverfront, this project uses design to reveal research topics through site-specific study areas.

Ascension: Wissahickon Getaway

Evan McNaught and Julie Carbone
Jefferson University
Faculty Advisors: Kim Douglas and David Kratzer

The Ascension project at the Wissahickon Gateway is proof that transportation and habitat can be brought together to create a beautiful and functional space. The project attempts to solve what is currently an incredibly hazardous and confusing pedestrian area. Buses, cars, bikes, joggers, and travels all collide at this particular spot, sometimes literally. By transforming the existing asphalt deserts into habitat and parkland, these different modes of transportation can be untangled in a beautiful way.

The Dancing Landscape

Jingyin Zhu
The Pennsylvania State University
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Birkeland

The design transfers Martha Graham’s dance, Frontier, into an abstract form in a prairie. When visitors walk through the memorial, they become a part of the dance and experience tension, the movements, the views that Graham experienced when she was dancing. The Dancing Landscape not only represent the dance itself but also symbolize Graham’s journey of becoming a dancer. The site encourages visitors’ observation to America landscape, and the participation to dance movements.

Temple University Ambler – Designing for Revitalization and Integration

Senior Landscape Architecture Studio
Temple University
Faculty Advisor: Lolly Tai

To effectively communicate with Temple University Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, upper administration officers, and an external organization (Leg Up Farm) about the future potentials for the declining Temple University Ambler Satellite Campus, a full color hardcover published book (ISBN#978-0-692-11486-5) and Lumion flythrough videos were produced. These communication tools illustrate designs for integrating a new unique institutional use on the campus, impetus for revitalizing the campus, and stopping further decline.

‘Memorial’ A Place-Based Documentary of National September 11 Memorial and Irish Hunger Memorial

Xiaoji Zhou
The Pennsylvania State University
Faculty Advisor: Ken Tamminga

This place-based documentary intends to seek the truth behind the National September 11 Memorial and Irish Hunger Memorial from a visitors’ perspective. The story behinds Irish Hunger Memorial has been forgotten while the National September 11 Memorial has been transformed into a touristic and commercial attraction. If the users can endow emotional meanings to a place, will the significance of memorial design gradually fade away as people no longer treat it with respect?

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A Place for Healing: Fox Chase Cancer Center

Graduate and Senior Design Studio Fall 2017
Temple University Ambler
Faculty Advisor: Baldev Lamba

The Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, a nationally recognized research and care institution, requested the help of the landscape architecture department in developing a healing garden on its campus. This book, written for use by Fox Chase, compiles the work of a senior/graduate design studio, from research and site analysis through multiple design options. The book educates the client about healing landscapes, clarifies site opportunities, and attractively presents creative visions for campus transformations.