Congratulations to the 2021 PA-DE ASLA Professional Award Recipients!

Thank you to the Central States Chapter ASLA for jurying the 2021 awards program.

Watch the 2021 awards presentation video below.

Fairleigh Dickinson University Spirit Bridge
Viridian Landscape Studio

Client: Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, NJ
Project Type: Pedestrian Bridge
Project Location: Hackensack and Teaneck, NJ

Project Statement:

The Spirit Bridge is a 200-foot long garden path that replaces a crumbling concrete-and-chain link walkway to connect FDU’s split campus across the Hackensack River. The bridge affirms the University’s commitment to stewardship of the river and reflects the ongoing transformation of their campus into a sustainable eco-park. With generous spaces and restorative native plantings that are healing the ecosystem, the new bridge is more than a passage; it’s a destination.

Atglen 4-Parks Master Plan

Client: Borough of Atglen
Project Type: Master Plan – Parks
Project Location: Atglen Borough, Chester County, PA

Project Statement:

The Atglen 4-Parks Master Plan represents a successful example of community-focused planning rooted in sustainable, context sensitive principles. The Master Plan presents a vision for new parks at four Borough-owned parcels, resulting in a comprehensive park system for Atglen. The process successfully dealt with the challenges of how to design and proactively engage with a community during COVID-19, and details an actionable plan that will transform the landscape of public space in Atglen.

Sheraden Park Master Plan

Client: Pittsburgh Department of City Planning
Project Type: Master Plan
Project Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Project Statement:

Sheraden Park is a 76-acre public park located in Pittsburgh. Currently, the park is hidden and underutilized, but has the potential to be further expanded through the acquisition of adjacent parcels that would connect it to other nearby public spaces, creating more access points and an expanded park network. Characterized by dramatic topography and forest cover, the park is positioned to offer a range of amenities, programming, and ecological benefits within its urban context.

Trexler Nature Preserve Master Plan Update 2020
Simone Collins Landscape Architecture

Client: Lehigh County
Project Type: Master Plan
Project Location: Game Preserve Road, Schnecksville, PA

Project Statement:

Trexler Nature Preserve is regional resource, owned by Lehigh County and open to the public. The 2020 Master Plan sets 21st Century conservation goals for over 1,500 acres, most of which was bequeathed in 1933 by philanthropist Harry C. Trexler for public recreation and preservation of at-risk species. Stewardship challenges have evolved over generations; the plan presents a modern scientific management framework to balance cultural demands with habitat restoration partnership actions that foster threatened species.

Miry Run Ponds Master Plan
Simone Collins Landscape Architecture

Client: Mercer County Park Commission, NJ
Project Type: Master Plan
Project Location: Mercer County, NJ

Project Statement:

The Miry Run Ponds Master Plan will transform a food control facility into an ecologically-based passive park. With accessible trails as the primary park improvements, the site will also facilitate kayaking, nature study, fishing, and bird watching. Improvements will disturb only 6.1% of the park’s 279 acres. The plan will create 34 acres of new forest planting 14,000 new trees and 64 acres of native meadows.

Easton Pocket Parks Vision Plan

Client: The City of Easton, PA
Project Type: Master Plan
Project Location: Easton, PA

Project Statement:

Relying on the voices and aspirations of residents, the Easton Pocket Parks Vision Plan offers a realizable framework – shaped by the community – for the future of Easton, Pennsylvania’s underserved neighborhood parks. Developed during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Plan’s public input process was imaginatively pivoted, implementing a range of innovative, activating, and socially distant opportunities for safely bringing residents into dialogue about the next generation of neighborhood parks in Easton.

2021 PA-DE ASLA People’s Choice Award Winner! Review the winning poster..

Farm for the City
Viridian Landscape Design & ThinkGreen

Client: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
Project Type: Pop-Up Farm
Project Location: Thomas Paine Plaza, Philadelphia, PA

Project Statement:

The Farm for the City transformed a Philadelphia plaza into a beautiful production farm, highlighting the role community gardens play in strengthening neighborhoods and drawing attention to food insecurity issues. Inspired by the nautilus, a symbol of expansion and renewal, the temporary 2000-square-foot garden comprised recycled and recyclable planters swirling around existing sculptures and reaching out toward the city. Over a single season, it delivered 1,200 pounds of produce to feed 8,600 people.

Lucille’s Edible Garden
Robinson Anderson Summers, Inc.

Client: Tyler Arboretum
Project Type: Arboretum
Project Location: Media, PA

Project Statement:

Lucille’s Edible Garden at Tyler Arboretum provides seed to table learning about healthy eating, healthy living, and sustainable vegetable growing. The site posed some challenges for vegetable gardening including shade and poor draining soils. Nevertheless the area was transformed to create a productive display garden that is functional, beautiful, sustainable, and a popular new addition to the Arboretum. The garden offers year-round education programs, camp activities, cooking classes and more.

Swarthmore College NPPR Hall

Client: Swarthmore College
Project Type: Campus
Project Location: Swarthmore, PA

Project Statement:

NPPR is an on-campus residential development, housing 128 people. The development incorporates the outer wall of the college’s baseball field. A new commons is created on the opposite side of the building, tying together existing residential buildings with shared plaza, gardens, and lawn spaces.