Congratulations to the 2022 Student Award Recipients!

Thank you to the St. Louis ASLA Chapter for jurying the 2022 awards program.

Watch our 2022 awards presentation video below. Congratulations to all recipients!


Carbon in the Tidewater

DJ Bromley, Christopher Fettke von Koecritz, Kevin Ganjon, Ryan McCune, Leigh Muldrow, Delaney Pilotte
University of Delaware
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jules Bruck

Project Location: Hampton, VA

Project Statement:

The city of Hampton, Virginia is on the front line of climate change with low elevation, high rate of land subsidence, and intense storm surge risk from direct exposure to the Atlantic Ocean.

This project uses the Global Carbon Market to catalyze nature based coastal infrastructure that is self-regenerating and captures carbon from the atmosphere while offering structural protection for both at risk coastal wetlands and human life.

Analysis & Planning

Harvest | Enrich | Grow

Samuel Emory
Temple University
Faculty Advisors: Andrew Hayes and Donna Shumpert

Project Location: Philadelphia, PA

Project Statement:

The closure of the polluted Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in Southwest Philadelphia offers an unprecedented opportunity to redevelop 1,300 acres of riverfront real estate. This proposal seeks to maximize public recreational and educational benefit on the site within a framework of sound economics by utilizing three restorative systems: materials recovery, soil creation, and ecological restoration. The site is comprehensively re-imagined as an industrial ecology which promotes circular economics, fosters wildlife habitat, and restores public health.

General Design

Cresent Park

Joyce Chang
Temple University
Faculty Advisors: Eric Tamulonis and Joe Sikora

Project Statement:

Crescent Park aims to create an inclusive space that brings nature to the urban space, as well as bring the community together. The design celebrates the diversity of Upper Darby’s community and invites the residents into the greenspace.

The concentric circles delineated by planting and differing paving material flows through the site, weaving through coves of spaces with different uses and quality, the large multiuse space in the center for festivals and cultural events Upper Darby frequently hosts. A greenroof cafe, food truck row, and sculptures that symbolizes togetherness, energizes the space as an iconic community hub.

Place-Braiding: Design for Trenton’s Capital Park

Samuel Emory
Temple University
Faculty Advisor: Eric Tamulonis

Project Location: Trenton, NJ

Project Statement:

Trenton has long been a nexus of connection. Conversion of a limited access waterfront highway into an urban boulevard will reunite the city with the Delaware River, a dynamic ecological asset. Enabled by this highway demolition, the new waterfront park facilitates cultural, ecological, and social connections by ‘braiding’ assets together into a meaningful, resilient, and accessible public place. The park responds to resident needs while creating an iconic signature landscape for New Jersey’s Capital City.

BLOOM Winchester Parks Recreation Master Plan

Client: Winchester-Clark County
Project Location: Winchester, KY