Chair: Vice President


The Awards Committee is responsible for the development, coordination, assistance and programming, as necessary, to provide the appropriate awards to those persons to be so honored by the Chapter or one of its Sections.


The Awards Committee has been charged by the Chapter Executive Committee to perform the following tasks:

Short Term:

  • Develop a list of awards and nominations of interest to the Chapter along with criteria and critical dates associated with such awards and nominations.
  • Evaluate and coordinate National student award guidelines with the respective Universities.

Long Term:

  • Set up criteria for each existing award and for each new award authorized by the Executive Committee.  Criteria should include submission deadlines, format to nominate, for-mat to award, type of certificate, and where and when award is bestowed.
  • Make recommendations for additions or deletions to the list of awards approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Monitor design awards and review the criteria to maintain consistency with the National design awards program.
  • Coordinate with the Executive Director on maintaining a record of who has received each award in the past.
  • Insure that the appropriate information about each award recipient is forwarded to the Communications & Public Relations Committee.

Current Awards:

The following is a listing of current awards bestowed by the Chapter.

  • Certificates of Appreciation (primarily to Chapter Officers and Section Chairs after term of service, but can be awarded to other Chapter members who have performed designated tasks for a specific period of time)
  • Chapter Special Award (to a non-LA for contributions to the profession or to ideals held by the profession)
  • Distinguished Service Award (to an LA for contributions to the profession or to ideals held by the profession)
  • Honorary membership (to either an LA or a non-LA)
  • Student Award Program (ASLA honor and merit awards at each higher educational institution with an LA program within Pennsylvania and Delaware)

Committee Representation:

Members should include each Section chair or someone appointed by the Section Chair.

Want to join this subcommittee? Email and include “Awards Committee” in the subject line.