Chair: President-Elect or Past President


The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for monitoring legislative action, identifying issues to be monitored, coordinating the development of legislative policies and contacts, informing the membership of legislative matters, and developing relations with other professional societies concerned with similar legislative matters.


The Government Affairs Committee has been charged by the Chapter Executive Committee to perform the following tasks:

Short Term:

  • Review current Senate and House bills being monitored.  The Committee should draft position papers on each bill for review by the Executive Committee.
  • Determine if a course of action can be taken in Delaware to follow legislation in their state.

Long Term:

  • Work with Executive Director to monitor proposed State legislation affecting the profession.
  • Maintain list of status of appropriate State legislation.
  • Analyze possible methods to mobilize the membership (i.e., phone chain, email, listserv, direct mail, website) when necessary to support or fight legislation.
  • Keep up-to-date listing of State legislators in an easily reproducible format (i.e.; hard copy, e-mail, listserv).
  • Act as liaison with National ASLA on Federal legislative matters.
  • Determine work opportunities with State agencies and contracts and promote to the membership.
  • Develop form letters to assist members to contact legislators on identified legislation.
  • Form alliances with other professional organizations on legislative issues of common interest.

Committee Representation:

Members should include one member from each Section.

Want to join this subcommittee? Email and include “Government Affairs Committee” in the subject line.