Chair(s): Members at Large


The University Liaisons Committee is responsible for primary communications between the Chapter and the student societies and the landscape architecture programs at all universities and colleges within the geographical boundaries of the Chapter.

Pennsylvania-Delaware LA Programs


The University Liaisons Committee has been charged by the Chapter Executive Committee to perform the following tasks:

Short Term:

  • Encourage student representatives from each student chapter to participate in Executive Committee meetings and conference calls.
  • Develop a mentoring program for recent college graduates.
  • Work with universities on career days and on special projects that promote interaction between the students and the professionals.

Long Term:

  • Present benefits of Society membership to student chapters.
  • Inform student chapters of Society business.
  • Encourage students and faculty to participate in Chapter and Section meetings and events.
  • Coordinate opportunities for students and professionals to interact.
  • Coordinate ASLA member participation at student design awards.
  • Coordinate support for university and college landscape architecture programs.

Committee Representation:

Members should include one member per university or college program with such member being from the Section in which the university or college is geographically located.

Want to be a member of this subcommittee? Email and include “University Liaisons Committee” in the subject line.