PA-DE ASLA encompasses four geographic sections (Delaware, Eastern PA, Central PA, and Western PA) and is the pre-eminent professional association of approximately 600 landscape architects practicing in the states of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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Section Chair Roles & Responsibilities

Administration of Chapter sections is vested in the section chairs. By virtue of their position, section chairs also serve on the Chapter Executive Committee. The section chairs shall:

  • Participate in Executive Committee meetings and activities
  • Coordinate local section continuing education, networking, and other events
  • Work with the section treasurer to establish and maintain a section operating budget
  • Be informed of Chapter goals and objectives, policies and procedures, programs and services, and activities and events
  • Serve as a member of and represent the section on the Executive Committee of the Chapter
  • Facilitate the conduct of the business of the Chapter by bringing section perspective to the Executive Committee and the Chapter perspective to the members of the section
  • Facilitate the conduct of the business of the Executive Committee by serving on standing or other committees or special study groups or task forces
  • Perform other duties as are customary for the position of section chair or as may be assigned or delegated by the Executive Committee of the Chapter
  • The section chairs shall be Full, Associate, or International ASLA members elected for terms of two (2) years.