PA-DE ASLA Members:

One of the functions of the Chapter’s Executive Committee is to routinely review the PA-DE ASLA bylaws, our guiding document, compare the bylaws to national ASLA’s for consistency, and discuss and propose potential amendments.

At its annual strategic retreat on Friday, June 14, the PA-DE ASLA Executive Committee reviewed and adopted carefully considered amendments put forth by the Chapter’s Bylaws Committee. The amendments are included below for your review and reference.

Review the Current PA-DE ASLA Bylaws

Proposed Amendment [In RED]

Article 5. Dues and Assessments

506. The annual Chapter dues for each Full Member and International Members requesting assignment to the Chapter shall be one hundred five ($105) dollars ninety-five ($95) dollars.

507. The annual Chapter dues for each Associate Member shall be twenty-five percent (25%) of national ASLA Associate Member dues at the corresponding levels forty-eight ($48) dollars.

508. The annual Chapter dues for each Affiliate Member shall be one hundred five ($105) dollars forty-five ($45) dollars.


Pennsylvania-Delaware ASLA chapter dues have not been increased since 2009, and operating costs have increased over that 10-year period.

The Pennsylvania-Delaware Chapter of ASLA serves as the professional association for landscape architects, and must continue to invest in, and advocate for the prominence and sustainability of our profession. In addition to supporting licensed and emerging professionals through conferences and events, the PA-DE ASLA Executive Committee believes that a key component of the success and sustainability of landscape architecture as a profession includes the development and investment in its student members.

Funds received by the Chapter from a nominal increase in chapter dues will continue to support PA-DE ASLA Student Scholarships, which are awarded to PA-DE Student Chapter leaders to offset the costs of registration for and travel to national ASLA’s annual Conference on Landscape Architecture. Such funds will also help ensure that the Chapter can continue to provide the education and networking opportunities our members value and anticipate, and to support future initiatives as they arise.

While the PA-DE ASLA Executive Committee proposes a ten dollar ($10) dues increase for Full, International, and Affiliate Members, PA-DE ASLA Associate Members dues would decrease. (See below).

Current National ASLA Associate Member Dues:
First Year = $65
Second Year = $99
Third Year = $175

Proposed PA-DE ASLA Associate Member Dues Rates (Based on Current National ASLA Dues Levels):
First Year = $16.25 (25% of National First Year Associate Dues)
Second Year = $24.75 (25% of National Second Year Associate Dues)
Third Year = $43.75 (25% of National Third Year Associate Dues)

Proposed Amendment [In RED]

Article 9. Committees
Standing Committees
Tellers Committee
909. There shall be a Tellers Committee composed of at least three (3) Full, Associate, or International Members of the Chapter, of whom one shall be an Associate Member. The Tellers Committee shall count and verify election ballots and other confidential ballots of the professional membership and Executive Committee of the Chapter. Confidential, written tabulations of ballot results shall be forwarded over the signature of the committee chair to the president and secretary of the Chapter.

909. There shall be a Tellers Committee whose purpose is to ratify the final electronic election results. The Tellers Committee shall comprise all members of the Executive Committee not currently on the ballot, as well as up to ten (10) general members who may wish to serve on the Tellers Committee.


The original function of the Tellers Committee was to count written election and special ballots as they were received, tabulate the results, and inform the Chapter President. However, PA-DE ASLA now conducts its Executive Committee election via a secure online/electronic platform, and the results are automatically tabulated and easily compiled and downloaded for review and record keeping.

The Executive Committee recognizes the Tellers Committee as a “check and balance” of the Executive Committee, and to ensure continued transparency, proposes that the Tellers Committee simply be re-formatted to better adapt to current practices and procedures.

As outlined in Article 5, Section 501, “Any proposal by the Executive Committee to change the amount of dues shall be submitted to the Chapter membership in writing for a review and comment period of not less than forty-five (45) days. At the close of the review and comment period, the Executive Committee shall vote on the proposal. An affirmative vote by three-fourths (3/4) of the voting members present at a meeting shall be required for adoption”.

The comment period is open until Friday, August 9, 2019. Please forward any comments to