Congratulations to the 2024 Student Award Recipients!

Thank you to the Minnesota ASLA Chapter for jurying the 2024 awards program.

Analysis & Planning

From Waste to Renovation: On-Site Material Recovery System as a Response to Displacement Mitigation

Lillian Chung Kwan Yu & Yining Zhu
University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisor: Anna Darling

Project Statement:

The project aims to establish an on-site material recovery and research system as a connector, spatially, materially, and socially, between existing community and looming transformational investment along Lower Schuylkill River in Southwest Philadelphia.

Additional Credit: Yadan Luo

General Design

Planting for the Future: Post-Industrial Delaware River Waterfront

Junyi Yang
University of Pennsylvania
Faculty Advisor: Karen M’Closkey

Project Statement:

This site is located in Philadelphia’s Fishtown district along the Delaware River. Due to its industrial past, it is heavily contaminated and difficult to access. This proposal suggests using five types of phytoremediation methods (phytovolatilization, phytodegradation, rhizodegradation, phytometabolism, and phytostabilization) to clean up six major pollutants (TCE, PCE, BTEX, PAH, PCB, and heavy metals), which will both clean the soil and serve as an educational park for the public to learn about remediation plants.