In the field of Landscape Architecture, education is an ongoing process, from choosing to study as a student to practicing as a professional. In this section you will find information about the various forms of education in the field of Landscape Architecture.

Accredited Programs

  • Why Study Landscape Architecture
  • Required Education for a Career in Landscape Architecture
  • How to Pick an Accredited Landscape Architecture Program
  • Accredited Landscape Architecture Programs in Pennsylvania and Delaware


  • Scholarships for Studying Landscape Architecture

Licensure Process

  • Licensure Process
  • The Licensing Exam — L.A.R.E
  • Licensing Requirements for Pennsylvania and Delaware
  • Resources

Continuing Education for Retaining Licensure

  • Latest Update on Licensure CEC Requirements
  • State Requirements for Pennsylvania and Delaware
  • Continuing Education FAQ

Continuing Education FAQ’s

  • Why Community Education and Awareness is Important
  • Landscape Architecture Month
  • Community Events
  • Ongoing Programs