Chapter Committee Organization

In June 2022, the PA-DE ASLA Executive Committee reorganized the Chapter’s existing committees into four strategic focus committees: Governance, Member Services, Education, and Awards & Scholarships. Each new committee is chaired by an Executive Committee member. The organization chart and functions/subcommittees are outlined below.

Want to join a subcommittee? Email and include the subcommittee name in the subject line.


Constitution & Bylaws

The Constitution & Bylaws Committee is a standing committee responsible for drafting changes to the Chapter’s Constitution & Bylaws as requested by the Chapter Executive Committee.
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The Nominating Committee is a standing committee responsible for preparing a slate of nominees for ballots for Chapter officers.
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The Audit Committee is a standing committee responsible for performing annual audit of the Chapter accounts.
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Government Affairs

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for monitoring legislative action, identifying issues to be monitored, coordinating the development of legislative policies and contacts, informing the membership of legislative matters, and developing relations with other professional societies concerned with similar legislative matters.
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Member Services:


The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members and for maintaining current members.
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Communications & Public Relations

The Communications Committee is responsible for the preparation of communication to the Chapter membership.
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University Liaisons

The University Liaisons Committee is responsible for primary communications between the Chapter and the student societies and the landscape architecture programs at all universities and colleges within the geographical boundaries of the Chapter.
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Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for developing programs that assist landscape architects in keeping up with the latest technologies of the profession, and educate high school students and counselors about landscape architecture.
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Awards & Scholarships:


The Awards Committee is responsible for the development, coordination, assistance, and programming, as needed, of providing appropriate awards to those persons to be so honored by the Chapter or one of its Sections.
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Fellows Committee

The Fellows Committee is responsible for determining qualified candidates, gathering the required information and submitting the application to ASLA.
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Task Forces:

Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Task Force is responsible for identifying historic landscapes in Pennsylvania and Delaware and developing strategies for implementing preservation policies for appropriate landscapes.
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