The Pennsylvania State Board of Landscape Architects currently seeks qualified individuals to fill the following Board vacancies:

• 1-Nurseryman
• 2-Public Members

The State Board of Landscape Architects regulates the licensure and registration of landscape architects in order to safeguard the life, health and property of citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The functions of the Board include the promulgation of qualifications for a landscape architect license and the granting, revocation or suspension of a license and registration to practice landscape architecture.

Interested in applying to serve?

Board Members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. Those interested in serving should write a letter to the Governor’s Office of Public Liaison, Attn: Deputy Director of Boards and Commissions, 508 Main Capitol, Harrisburg PA 17120. The letter should state the name of the individual interested in becoming a board member and should include a bio and credentials. The individual should also contact their local Senator to obtain a letter of support, which should also be sent to the Governor’s Office.

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