Pennsylvania Continuing Education Requirements for LAs

During each renewal period beginning with the 2017-2019 biennium (from June 1, 2017, through May 31, 2019) and continuing thereafter, a licensee shall complete 24 clock hours of continuing education.

The Board will exempt from the continuing education requirement a licensee who received a license within 2 years preceding the licensee’s first application for biennial renewal.

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Read the Law (Act 535 of 1965)

Read the PA Code – Title 49, Chapter 15

  • Obligations, Continuing Education, General Provisions, Application & Administration, etc.

Acceptable Continuing Education Courses
Only courses approved by the Board will be accepted for continuing education credit. The licensee shall be responsible for ascertaining the approved status of the course before undertaking a continuing education activity.

Acceptable subject matter for continuing education courses is limited to courses pertaining to the enhancement of the landscape architect’s professional skills. The Board will not approve courses in office management.

A maximum of 1/2 of the required clock hours per biennium will be accepted in courses consisting of satellite seminars, electronic presentations and correspondence courses.

Sources of Continuing Education Courses
According to rule, the board finds the courses provided, approved, sponsored, or co-sponsored by ASLA and its chapters meet the board’s standards. The following entities also have been accepted:

  • The American Nursery & Landscape Association and its chapters
  • The American Planning Association and its chapters
  • The American Institute of Architects and its chapters
  • The National Society of Professional Engineers and its chapters
  • The National Recreation and Parks Association and its chapters
  • The Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors
  • The Urban Land Institute
  • Accredited landscape architect programs or programs in fields related to landscape architecture in colleges and universities
  • Agencies of the Commonwealth and Federal government offering training programs in landscape architecture and its related fields
  • The Council of Landscape Architects Registration Board

Retention of Records
Licensee shall retain copies of licensure renewal forms and the certificates, transcripts or other acceptable documentation of completion of the prescribed number of clock hours for 6 years following completion of the course. Records and documentation shall be produced upon demand by the Board or its auditing agents.

The Board will utilize a random audit of renewals to determine compliance with the continuing education requirement.

The Board may waive all or part of the continuing education requirement for biennial renewal upon written documentation by a licensee of illness, emergency or hardship.

A waiver request will be evaluated by the Board on a case-by-case basis. The Board will send written notification of its approval or denial of a waiver request.